• Overall responsibility for leadership / guidance
  • Help to try and resolve any disputes / misunderstandings
  • Call and chair regular Committee Meetings and the AGM
  • Liaise closely with Vice-chair, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Oversee routine running of organisation and policy making
  • Communicate with any volunteers who are indisposed or bereaved and send appropriate cards

  • Deputise for Chair when necessary
  • Work closely with Chair and Secretary to ensure smooth running of organisation
  • Help oversee organisation of special events e.g. Social Evening, AGM etc.
  • Initiate and help implement any improvements in the general running of the organisation

  • Work closely with Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer
  • Keep accurate records of all volunteers
  • Communicate information to volunteers e.g. from TNF etc.
  • Channel all correspondence to appropriate officials
  • Deal with all correspondence, meeting agendas, minutes etc.
  • Order stationery as required

  • Work closely with Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Fundraising Manager
  • Oversee all financial transactions / budget
  • Keep volunteers well informed / consulted over spending through the monthly meetings
  • Have accounts audited annually and submit our annual report to the Charity Commissioners
  • Organise and review any insurance policies required for equipment in consultation with the Technical Team
  • Raise awareness of our willingness to pay volunteer expenses

  • Monitor all methods and standards of editing
  • Liaise closely with the Rota Manager
  • Draw up / review regularly ‘Guidelines for Editors’ and ensure that new volunteer Editors receive a copy
  • Hold occasional workshops for editors to improve standards of efficiency and ensure review of tape / CD / MS content
  • Induct new Editors and provide necessary support

  • Responsible for overall standard of production and bring any concerns to Committee
  • Call meetings when necessary of Standards Committee to review standards and procedures in all areas
  • Draw up ‘Guidelines for Readers’ and ensure all readers receive a copy
  • Receive all ‘voice tests’(along with other standards members) for consideration
  • Pass on promptly names of newly approved readers to Rota Manager and Recruitment Manager
  • Hold workshops for all readers when necessary to further improve reading standards
  • Refer any volunteer issues of major concern to Vice-Chair / Chair and the main Committee

  • Draw up in advance a working rota for all production evenings
  • Consult volunteers re their particular wishes / requirements
  • Carry out a weekly check that volunteers are able to fulfil their commitments
  • Facilitate integration of new volunteers through close liaison with both the Standards Manager and Volunteer Recruitment Manager
  • Act as liaison person for any emergency changes to the rota

  • Liaise with person/s requesting tapes/CD/MS as to suitability, cost, number required, invoice and procedure
  • Arrange the recordings with willing volunteers
  • Arrange for tapes/CDs/MS to be copied
  • Where necessary arrange with Dispatch Manager for the distribution of tapes/CDs/MS or make other arrangements for the delivery of these
  • Liaise with Treasurer over invoices and payments

  • Receive all offers of help from potential volunteers
  • Contact all new volunteers and arrange a visit to STN to meet appropriate personnel
  • Receive notification from at least TWO ‘standards committee’ members for the approval of new readers
  • Inform new volunteers of the outcome of their ‘voice test’
  • Ensure a new ‘volunteer form’ is completed in all cases
  • Maintain accurate records of all contacts made and correspondence received and sent and report regularly to Committee
  • Ensure the Rota Manager is kept well informed
  • Ensure all new volunteers receive the information letter, contacts within the organisation and how to claim expenses
  • Liaise with VAS (Voluntary Action Sheffield) over recruitment needs
  • Work with the main Committee to compile and update a ‘Volunteer Policy’

  • Keep an up to date record of all listeners
  • Monitor and check weekly receipt / dispatch of all tapes/CDs/MS
  • Send introductory recordings to all new listeners
  • Follow up all queries, messages, overdue returns
  • Pass on any feedback to appropriate personnel
  • Ensure all active volunteers receive a weekly recording
  • Inform the Technical Team of the number of tapes/CDs/MS required each week
  • Through liaison with the Technical Team ensure administrative volunteers are kept up to date with how to use the computer facilities
  • Ensure a foolproof message system is used so no information is lost

  • Overall responsibility for the bi-monthly Magazine – content, production, format and standards
  • Establish a ‘team’ to assist with editing, preparing readers, technical assistance, copying etc.
  • Liaise with Dispatch Manager / Technical Team over dates for copying and issue
  • Keep accurate records of all correspondence to ensure continuity
  • Encourage listeners to contribute to the ‘Listeners’ Corner’

  • Co-ordinate all fund-raising activities, including making contacts and carrying out the necessary correspondence
  • Initiate both fund-raising events and applications for grants and other funding, and follow these through
  • Liaise closely with Secretary over requests for donations / grants
  • Work closely with Treasurer over requirements for funding
  • Involve as many volunteers as possible in fund-raising activities
  • Attend any relevant training to help with this role e.g. those organised by VAS (Voluntary Action Sheffield)

  • Take the lead responsibility for all publicity, engaging other volunteers where appropriate
  • Oversee the production and distribution of publicity materials including leaflets, posters and registration forms
  • Submit articles for publication to local magazines
  • Give talks to groups and undertake media interviews, delegating this task to others where appropriate
  • Seek opportunities to promote the work of STN at events throughout the city
  • Liaise with Editors, the Technical Team and others in relation to the publication of events
  • Work to a budget negotiated with the Treasurer and agreed by Committee, seeking permission for any overspend
  • Make links with other voluntary and statutory bodies, especially SRSB where joint initiatives may be productive
  • Act as liaison person between STN and the media
  • Give regular reports on progress to Committee
  • Attend any relevant training e.g. as arranged by VAS (Voluntary Action Sheffield)

  • Maintain records of key events and routine procedures of STN
  • Arrange for photographs to be taken and included in records when appropriate
  • Retain copies of all relevant press releases for records
  • Display archives at key events e.g. Socials, AGM etc.
  • Raise awareness of the existence of the archives so all volunteers can contribute


What is the Technical Team Responsible for?

  • All recordings conducted in the studio area (not home recordings) are carried out to an ‘acceptable standard’.
  • Duplication of audio onto cassette, CDs, memory sticks (and any other format used) is carried out to an ‘acceptable standard’.
  • Other aspects of STN that require a technical input (including e-mail, website, online storage, and software) are supported.

In more detail, this requires the team to look after the following aspects:

1. Technical Equipment & Software
  • making sure all the equipment is working and getting it repaired / replaced in a timely way when things go wrong
  • making sure we’ve got the software we need, that it’s kept up to date and working and (as far as possible) future-proof / robust against foreseeable events. Includes using back-up and things like firewalls and anti-virus software where applicable
  • making sure insurance on equipment is up to date (with Treasurer)
  • looking ahead to optimise set ups and to ensure what we have is fit for STN’s needs.

2. STN’s Online Operations
  • looking after the Safe Sync account
  • looking after the e-mail account
  • looking after the STN’s website
  • looking ahead to optimise set ups and to ensure what we have is fit for purpose

3. Training
  • making sure all volunteers using the equipment and software are adequately trained and kept up to date with changes introduced. This includes related procedures – e.g. locking-up; arranging a stand-in if unavailable.
  • produce training and common problem shooting lists for technicians.
  • monitoring technical output and where necessary feeding back to volunteers (?)

4. The ‘admin’ side of the studio area
(Maybe not all fully within the technical remit but technical team seem the best placed to do it)
  • dealing with answering machine messages and making sure they are satisfactorily dealt with
  • ensuring post is dealt with and sent / given to the right people (along with the Secretary)
  • stock control – especially CDs, memory sticks and boom-boxes. (A schedule of up-coming events like SRSB Newsletter, STN magazine and ‘ Off the Shelf’ recordings needs to be kept to assist with stock required
  • maintaining stocks of forms and general information (e,g, instructions for new listeners).
  • important contact numbers easily located for people using the area
  • keeping stationery items topped up – pens, labels, batteries, printer cartridges, sellotape etc. etc.
  • keeping the place ordered – throwing out / recycling redundant stuff.
  • informing the one-off recording team and / or Treasurer when invoices need to be sent following recording / duplicating / dispatch / delivery.
  • looking ahead to optimise set ups and to ensure what we have is fit for STN’s needs.