Other Services:

STN can supply CD and audio cassettes on a one off or regular basis for a modest charge.

A number of public organisations regularly ask us to transcribe bulletins, newsletters, questionnaires, magazines and consultation papers.

We have been asked to record poetry for families and for self-help groups. We have also recorded recipes and guidance on the use of modern cooking aids for people with a visual impairment.

We charge 30 for each 80 minute initial recording (tape or CD) and 3 for every additional copy required.

All Cassettes are labelled and individually boxed. CDs can be blank for handwritten labelling or we can print and fix labels at an additional charge depending on volume. Normally we  supply CDs in paper slip cases. For large quantities we can supply CDs on a spindle.

We have produced audio tapes and CDs in many languages which can be useful for people who are unable to read their native language as well as for people with a visual impairment. We require translators to arrive at our recording studio with a pre translated audio script. Sheffield City Council's Interpreter Services have provided speakers of languages other than English in the past. We will not however play any role in the translation itself.

To find out more please click below to send an email to our one - off recordings co-ordinator: