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Sheffield Talking News - Listener Survey: Dec 2008

We are always interested in what people using our service think.

If you receive either a weekly cassette or CD it would help us to provide an even better service to know your views on a number of questions. We think it will take you about 10 minutes to complete this form. At the end you will be asked to provide your Subscriber Number. If you do not know this does appear on the reusable address label in the yellow pouch.

We will act on what you and other listeners tell us so we hope you will agree that this will be worth your while.

When did you start receiving 'Sheffield Talking News'?:

How did you hear about it or come to start getting it?.

What format do you have?:

Audio cassette

How often do you listen to it?:

Each week
Once or twice a month
Every few months
Less Often (please specify)

If "Less Often" please say how often.

If applicable, is there a reason why you listen less than every week?

Apart from STN do you have other sources of local news such as:

Radio Sheffield         Sheffield Live          Free Newspapers         Hallam FM             
Local Television News   Other (please specify)  

What other sources of Local News do you have?.

Would you also like Sheffield news with a national slant (e.g. a Sheffield M.P. speaking in House of Commons or Celebrity with a Sheffield link)?

Yes No

Would you like news from the rest of South Yorkshire ?

Yes No

Would you like news from West Yorks.?

Yes No

Would you like news from North Derbyshire?

Yes No

Any comment about news from elsewhere?.

News Items in detail:


Snippets of News:

Features (e.g.Healthy Living, Lifestyle, Women's page):

Action Desk and Diary:

Opinions of editors or celebrities on news stories:

Entertaining and Humorous articles (e.g. Ian McMillan, Gervais Phinn):

Readers Letters relevant to "blind" people:

Reader's Letters on Any Topic:

SRSB organised Events:

Other Future Events of Interest to Partially Sighted:

Human Interest Stories:

General News:

Planning Applications:

Other Council Business:


Animal Stories:

Charities & Fundraising:


Culture & Arts:


Which topics (if any) appear too often?

Are there items we rarely include that you would like to hear e.g. sport or business news?

How long should articles last (at present between 40 secs. and 3 minutes):

About Right
Some could be over 3 minutes
3 minutes maximum

Any other Comments ?

Your Age Range:

Under 16
16 to 29
30 to 49
50 to 65

Your Gender:


Would you be willing to answer again in a year or two if we repeat the survey?

Yes No

Would you like to take part in a short video ?

Yes No

Please enter the date you completed this survey:

-- mm/dd/yy

Finally, what is your Subscriber Number (the label of the Yellow Pouch has this) ?

Sheffield Talking News - Listener Survey.
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Revised: 26/11/2008