How to get involved with STN


Sheffield Talking News welcomes volunteers from all sections of the community. Volunteers come to us through one of the following routes:

  • The Sheffield Talking News website

  • The Volunteer Bureau in Sheffield

  • STN publicity posters and leaflets

  • Hearing about STN from others 

All volunteers should be 16 years or over.

All prospective volunteers are invited to visit the STN premises to see what we do and decide in which area they would most like to help. Volunteer readers are asked to take a voice test to ascertain the suitability of their skills. All volunteers are required to complete a registration form and will receive a letter of welcome. 

Induction, training and support.

All volunteers will have the various tasks explained to them and will be given any help and support needed. Volunteer technicians will be given full training in their area of work. Ongoing support can be relied on. 


All volunteers receive the weekly news recording and the magazine recording. They are invited to attend the monthly meetings and encouraged to express their views concerning STN. 


Out of pocket expenses will be re-imbursed if requested. 


Volunteers are fully covered. 


 We seek volunteersí permission to share their personal details with other STN members.

If you are interested please feel free express your interest using our on-line form under "Apply to Join" or you can ring our Volunteer Co-ordinator, Val Newbolt on 0114 2304919 or email her by clicking on the following link :